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In line with the founding principles of Tata Steel, the Global Wires India takes great pride in making products that help nation building.


We believe in continuously upgrading quality of our products to the international standards.


One recent step in this direction is the introduction of ‘Low Relaxation technology’ in single PC wire.


In India, Normal Relaxation PC wire is available to construction industry for almost 40 years now. However, the world has long replaced this wire with Low Relaxation variety, with several advantages. Realising this, Tata Steel decided to introduce this variety of PC Wire to India.


Our manufacturing line for Low Relaxation Single PC wire - both plain and indented- is already operational.


To help our customers make a right decision, we provide here below the advantages of Low Relaxation Single PC wire, as compared to Normal Relaxation variety.

Basic advantages of low relaxation variety over Normal Relaxation

  • Less loss of prestress due to low relaxation properties.
  • Decreased requirement of jacking forces.
  • Reduction in grade of concrete required for prestressing in the end block zone.
  • Increased concrete shear strength.
  • Higher yield & flexural strength as compared to Normal Relaxation wires.
  • Saving in material & construction cost - both concrete and steel.
  • Increase span capabilities.