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Our GI wire welded mesh for staking (supporting) tomato plants offers 33%* more yield with reduced daily hassles. Tata Wiron mesh provides a strong support to the plant without any manual intervention thus cutting down on the cost of manpower.

Healthy crops translate to higher yields, and cages made of Tata Wiron GI wire welded mesh support the growth of shoots and provide ample vertical, as well as horizontal, space for the plant to grow.

  • 33%* more yield with reduced daily hassles.
  • One-time investment for complete peace of mind.
  • Less dependence on manpower as it cuts down on labour involved in staking.
  • Plants grow naturally in the mesh with more flowering and fruiting.
  • Higher and better-quality yields.
  • Plants are less prone to crop disease and pests as a result less pesticides are needed.
  • Eliminates use of eucalyptus wood and plastic rope, making the mesh an eco-friendly alternative.
  • High strength adds longevity and results in a decreased total cost of ownership.

All Tata Wires units of operation adhere to strict quality parameters and are ISO certified.
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Available in a rectangular wire mesh sheet of 5 feet X 6 feet