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Shaped by a lineage of sound and straightforward business principles, the Tata Group is built on a foundation of trust and transparency. This forms the basis of every business we operate in.

Tata Group

The Tata Group is a global business conglomerate operating in over 100 countries across 5 continents with a strong presence in diverse industries such as agrochemicals, automotive, chemicals, construction, finance, consumer products, and hospitality. The group has a combined market capitalisation of around $103.51bn (2016-17) with significant investments in different geographies. Cutting-edge innovation, a stringent focus on quality, sustainable operations and business excellence are the hallmarks of the trust the Tata name is best recognised for. To know more visit www.tata.com

Tata Steel Ltd

Tata Steel touches the lives of millions of people across the world every day.

The company is currently the world’s second-most geographically diversified steel producer. One of the few steel operations that are fully integrated, from mining to the manufacturing and marketing of finished products, Tata Steel operates in 26 countries and has a commercial presence in over 50 countries with employees across five continents.

Continuous improvement in the product and service portfolio, along with success in value creating initiatives for customers, allows the company to serve global growth markets.

Tata Steel’s Raw Material operations are spread across India and Canada which help them be self-sufficient in steel production. Key manufacturing functions are performed by the raw materials and iron-making groups, while Shared Services provides maintenance support for a smooth production. To know more visit www.tatasteel.com